Points to take into account in the pitch: originality and viability of the idea, degree of technology and innovation, problem to be solved, market and advantages over competitors, added value, business model, business metrics (sales, income, expenses and investment), scalability/expansion, degree of communication of the project, team that forms it, what is offered and what is requested of the investor.

    You must meet at least 7 of the 10 points listed above.

    Pitch Presentation: Please only provide us with an open Google Drive or Dropbox link.

    Prize for the winner

    Fab Lab

    For the winner:

    • Support service for the prototyping or proof of concept of your idea for 24 h *
    • Up to 200 € in materials

    * if your idea has a physical dimension, not a purely digital or intellectual one, in which case there is little we at Fab Lab León can do

    ** Total value of the prize: 2,000 €

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