CYL-HUB is an international HUB for innovation and technological entrepreneurship in the territory of Castilla y León financed by Next Generation EU funds.

Our Mission
Its objective is to connect the nine provincial ecosystems of Castilla y León with each other, as well as to promote and connect them at a European/international level.
Who is it aimed at?
CYL-HUB supports the ecosystem of Castilla y León and its autonomous/startups/Innovative SMEs/scaleups in the three phases of their life cycle, including young people, women, unemployed, etc.
12th April '23
13th April '23


Emma Fernández

Directora General de Economía Social y Autónomos. Junta de Castilla y León.

Esteban Mayoral

Subdirector de Gestión del Centro de Innovación. Impulsa Visión - RTVE.

Laura Velasco

Jefa de Sector. ICEX, España Exportación e Inversiones

Isabel Clavero

Director Territorial. ICEX, España Exportación e Inversiones

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