Based on

5 transversal axes
Employment Creation
Ecological Transition
Social and Territorial Cohesion
Gender Equality

What is CYL-HUB?

CYL-HUB is an international HUB for innovation and technological entrepreneurship in the territory of Castilla y León financed by Next Generation EU funds and the Junta de Castilla y León with 1,342,280 euros.

CYL-HUB defines through a transregional project a battery of activities from the fields of open innovation and entrepreneurship of the self-employed / innovative SMEs / startups / scaleups, to promote reforms that help and accelerate the economic and social recovery of Castilla y Leon, with support from the Recovery Funds through the Mechanisms for Recovery and Resilience (MRR).

Our Mission

Its objective is to connect the nine provincial ecosystems of Castilla y León with each other, as well as to promote and connect them at a European/international level.

Who is the target audience?

CYL-HUB supports the ecosystem of Castilla y León and its autonomous/startups/innovative SMEs/scaleups in the three phases of their life cycle, including young people, women, unemployed, etc.


Supporting the culture of entrepreneurship from the early stages of development (Read more)


Support the culture of entrepreneurship from the initial stages without leaving anyone behind, creating jobs and reducing the social and gender gap, as well as retaining and attracting talent in Castilla y León. Create a digital observatory (that allows to know who is who: "yellow pages"), that allows to know who to connect with the new self-employed entrepreneurs and interconnect the different local ecosystems of Castilla y León.


Interconnecting the local/provincial ecosystems of Castilla y León with each other. (Read more)


Interconnect the local/provincial ecosystems of Castilla y León with each other and support their specialization, with special emphasis on the ecological transition, social and territorial cohesion, the creation of stable and quality employment, the promotion of public procurement of innovation and gender equality. At the same time, it serves as a direct connection between the self-employed entrepreneur and his/her mentors, with whom they will periodically review and analyze the status of the projects.


Projecting the ecosystem of Castilla y León internationally and attracting investment. (Read more)


In addition, projecting the ecosystem of Castilla y León internationally and attracting investment to Castilla y León, reinforcing the image of the Region of the Self-Employed Entrepreneur. Through the organization of two major international technology entrepreneurship fairs (Startup OLÉ), participation in 2 Startup OLÉ LATAM Roadshows and 2 CYL-HUB-Europass Programs.

CYL-HUB Activities

CYL-HUB foresees, among other actions, the creation of an observatory and a digital, intelligent and open platform to provide permanent support and service to entrepreneurs.


Assistance and support to entrepreneurs in the start-up of their business initiative, the development of initiatives aimed at promoting and boosting talent, digitalization and entrepreneurial culture.


The creation of contacts for Castilla y León startups in Latin American and European markets; the establishment of lines of collaboration with other initiatives and projects at the European level.

CYL-HUB is a Paper-Free project.

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